Our Mission

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Our Assessment Approach

GCSIT takes a right-sized approach to scoping assessments with our clients. All assessments include review, consultation, along with documented analysis and recommendations. Our team will work with you to ensure alignment to industry best-practice design and configuration.

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Assessment Types


Get the right cloud recipe for your business

A cloud strategy doesn’t necessarily mean everything should live in the Cloud; quite the contrary is what we often find. Our consulting team can help you to design and plan for a faster, hyper-scalable, and more agile way to leverage the Cloud options that make sense for your organization. Whether you’re just starting your path towards digital transformation or have already started your journey, GCSIT will meet you where you are and create a roadmap for best-of-breed architecture and a holistic cloud strategy.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Financial Benefits

Skip complex IT capacity planning issues and processes
Reduce operational strain and simplify
Reduce costs by gaining elasticity and agility
Reduce IT rationalization costs

Business Strategy

Significant improvement to IT agility
Faster implementations
Shorter ramp to value
Immediate access to IT resources, applications and systems


Simplify your complex business technology

Whether it be patching, upgrading, refreshing, refactoring, remediating or rethinking altogether how you solve for the challenges of delivering reliable services to your end users, we can help. Our team of engineers, architects and consultants bring years of relevant experience working in and around a diverse set of customer environments.

With our IT Infrastructure Stability assessments, we partner with you to assess, investigate, document, review and ultimately help you build a plan that gets you to environmental stability so you can focus on your business.

Benefits of IT Environmental Stability

Evolve to a more agile, flexible environment
Ensure industry best practices
Invest in technologies that give you competitive advantage
Reduce costs
Increase efficiency


Design for an unpredictable future by focusing on agility  

The array of options out there are overwhelming and figuring out what innovative new technologies can help versus which will just add to your already full plate is a lot to keep up with. The pace at which technological advancements hit the market can be overwhelming. GCSIT can help.

GCSIT has been working around innovative infrastructure technologies for many years and we invest heavily in our team to make sure they stay current on emergent trends and shifts in the industry. We can help you design your technology architecture for agility and flexibility to meet your desired business capabilities.

4 Steps to Future State IT Design & Implementation

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