Digital Workspace

Digital workspace delivers the applications and data people need to be productive. It means availability on any device, on any network, from anywhere with flexibility and security in mind.

Believe a digital
workplace is essential
for business success

Enterprises that
have a multi-cloud
strategy in place

Global workforce
that do not work
at a desk

Predicted global GDP
that will digitize by
2020 (per IDC)

Digital Workspace – Scale and Security Beyond Your Network

Prepare for future unknowns

Covid-19 is just one of many potential unexpected crises that has many employees working from home – some perhaps for the first time ever. In many cases, people are using their personal devices to access applications and data. Some devices may be untrusted, causing potential security threats. GCSIT can help you maintain productivity and security to enable your employees to work from anywhere across any device.

Digital Workspace Solutions

Enable a VDI environment
Scale out existing environment
Optimize performance
Extend applications and data safely to employees’
personal devices (BYOD)
Create conditional access policies to maintain security
Ensure compliance

Considering a digital workspace revolution for your company? Get the list of first things to consider before you start.


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