Digital Workspace

Digital workspace delivers the applications and data people need to be productive. It means availability on any device, on any network, from anywhere with flexibility and security in mind.

Believe a digital
workplace is essential
for business success

Enterprises that
have a multi-cloud
strategy in place

Global workforce
that do not work
at a desk

Predicted global GDP
that will digitize by
2020 (per IDC)

Digital Workspace – Scale and Security Beyond Your Network

Prepare for future unknowns

Covid-19 is just one of many potential unexpected crises that has many employees working from home – some perhaps for the first time ever. In many cases, people are using their personal devices to access applications and data. Some devices may be untrusted, causing potential security threats. GCSIT can help you maintain productivity and security to enable your employees to work from anywhere across any device.

Digital Workspace Solutions

Enable a VDI environment
Scale out existing environment
Optimize performance
Extend applications and data safely to employees’
personal devices (BYOD)
Create conditional access policies to maintain security
Ensure compliance

Considering a digital workspace revolution for your company? Get the list of first things to consider before you start.


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Energize your team members with the tools of full mobility -- the digital workspace.

Highly secure. Seamless. Powerful.

Digital workspace solutions offer the flexibility, reliability, and cohesion necessary for effective remote operations.

The contemporary workspace has confronted a series of game-changing challenges over the past decade. From a dynamic, diverse, and evolving workforce, to external difficulties requiring immediate out-of-the-box solutions, the ability to deploy an effective digital workspace not only makes operations smooth and predictable, it's a flat-out essential tool.

The Covid-19 crisis accelerated an already rapidly progressing trend. Remote work has become a default setting for millions of employees -- the ability to accommodate the needs of a workforce with changing expectations is critical to attracting and keeping exceptional talent. Digital workspace solutions that integrate uncompromising security with enhanced end-user experiences not only enable productivity and efficiency, but they also allow operations to meet a broad spectrum of external challenges seamlessly and quickly.

Give Your Operations a Competitive Edge with an Effective Digital Workspace

Full IT modernization facilitates unparalleled performance, providing your workforce with the resources it needs to reach and exceed its productivity goals.

With holistic, fully integrated security management tools, you empower your team with iterative solutions that continually evaluate risk across interconnected access points, making BYOD practices safe and flexible. Expand your workforce's reach while consistently mitigating threats, regardless of the network or device.

Eliminate borders, work across time zones, and achieve a global reach with digital workspace solutions.

The Benefits of a Digital Workspace – Vmware Empowered

Digital workspaces deliver a streamlined experience to all end-users, giving your workforce the flexibility and support they need to achieve maximum efficiency. As one of the premier digital workspace providers, we provide clients with the tools and resources they need to achieve an optimal experience for every end-user across platforms and regardless of the device.

Boundless, location-free, and adaptable, your team can be empowered with an automated series of tools that enable smooth and secure connectivity to a diverse population of clients and third-party services across platforms, without being tethered to an office.

By exploiting the power of innovation, your organization's reach can be limitless.

Enhanced Security Protocols

In a world where cyber threats are tantamount to declarations of war, maintaining optimal security is paramount. A digital workspace enables you to create and maintain security compliance by tailoring effective and unique security solutions to your specifications, allowing you to ensure maximum data protection while permitting smooth data access and prime functionality to verified users.

At GCSIT, we are proud to be among the industry's most trusted digital workspace providers. We are dedicated to providing the tools and technologies businesses need to transcend the possible. We partner with our clients to determine the best strategies for reliable, consistent growth. Our people-first approach delivers customized solutions that help organizations within a broad range of industries achieve enhanced efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Free your operations from brick-and-mortar limitations. Explore new possibilities. Rediscover your organization's mission by integrating an adaptive, secure, and user-friendly digital workspace.

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