Workplace Redefined Webcast: A Turbo-charged Technology and Culture Shift

The way we work has shifted to more flexible remote and hybrid models — where, when and how we work has morphed into a flexible matrix of places, times and devices.

Join GCSIT and IDC for an insider’s look at the impact of this new reality, and how you can manage change and take advantage of best practices for better, secure and productive work — anywhere, anytime.

Agility Adds Resiliency

Implementing Agile Practices for Your Infrastructure

An agile infrastructure, simply defined, is setting up your infrastructure in such a way today that allows you to innovate faster in the future. Readying your infrastructure for continuous delivery, continuous improvement, and early failing will ultimately drive new business value, reduce time to market and enable sustainable growth.

Quick video on Agile Infrastructure Benefits

In this on-demand webcast, you’ll discover how to:

Enable technologies, policies, and practices accross people, processess and infrastructure.
Ensure digital resiliency to adapt and capitalize on future disruptions.
Securely support remote and hybrid ways of working.
Sustain corporate culture in the face of more fragmented work models.

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