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Design, configuration, and management across a federation of Microsoft® Services can be a daunting job for IT. Add the need to train and retain qualified staff capable of service delivery across the range of Microsoft Solutions and the challenge – and burden – only grow. After all, wouldn’t you prefer IT resources delivering Digital Transformation Strategies that enable the business to capture new customers, improve efficiency, or bring new services to end users and the market?

This is why GCSIT created the Managed Microsoft Program.

Drawing from years of experience in Professional Services Delivery working in and around the Microsoft suite of solutions, GCSIT identified critical maintenance needs. We then paired them with OEM-recommended best practices and packaged all of this into an accountable, fully-managed, and well-defined services model. The Managed Microsoft Program covers a wide range of Microsoft Solutions at a consistent monthly cost  ̶  that actually goes down over time.

GEMS Flow 2If you’re like most businesses, you want an IT strategy that effectively manages your federation of Microsoft Solutions while delivering cost savings and business value to the organization. Executing this strategy is made difficult by the pace of change in both the solutions and number of tools available to support them. This is further complicated by the ever-growing number of possibilities for how this federation of services can be delivered.

Whether you’re facing upgrades and support of on-premise applications or the implementation of new consumption models, such as Microsoft Public Cloud or Hybrid Cloud, GCSIT Managed Microsoft Program ensures greater predictability, human resource resilience, and service management excellence ̶ all while remaining cost effective and budget friendly.

gems onboarding icon ONBOARDING

We begin your Managed Microsoft Program relationship with GCSIT through Onboarding.

Your GCSIT Portfolio and Program Manager (PPM) is assigned to act as your single point of contact. This individual leads the working teams and helps to build a mutually agreed transition strategy and a well-defined plan to ensure an effective and non-disruptive transition.

Onboarding begins with establishing a well-informed starting point for services delivery. This may include GCSIT Quick Assess, a speedy approach to understanding the nuances of the environment, or a more comprehensive GCSIT Microsoft Assessment to ensure understanding of your environment. The Microsoft assessment digs deep to understand business drivers, the current infrastructure, and technical requirements across your federation of Microsoft Solutions.

GCSIT will provide remediation recommendations for any items found in the assessment that sit outside of best practices. These topics are all discussed during follow-up workshops with formalized documentation compiled into a report identifying areas where potential configuration issues can create risk for your business.

After the assessment phase of Onboarding, GCSIT Team Members work with defined customer point(s) of contact to plan how design and implementation of the ongoing service set will be delivered. Planning includes establishing organizational service level goals prioritized by business group and business outcome.

The On-Boarding Process establishes clear timelines and transition goals aligned to meet your desired outcomes. During this phase, GCSIT creates customer-specific contact, how-to, and point-in-time environmental documentation to be reviewed and approved by your defined point(s) of contact. This information will also be uploaded to and made available from the Shared Documentation Platform that GCSIT provides as part of the ongoing GEMS Service.

gems operational excellence 1OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE

Your PPM will continue to act as your single point of contact. Alongside this, GCSIT has a defined set of processes and responsibilities designed to ensure regular and thoughtful communication and advocacy for our GEMS clients. Foremost among these activities are your regularly scheduled Stewardship meetings.

Regular Stewardship is an ongoing process that provides an opportunity to combine forces across GCSIT departments and your team to increase understanding, overcome any issues and resolve the best solutions & strategies for your needs. In each stewardship meeting, we look at what GCSIT is working on, what’s working, why it’s working and how we can make it work better.

GCSIT Stewardship builds a unified vision, transfers knowledge to you team members and engages in proactive and continuous improvement through analysis, communication and partnership. It is an ongoing process that brings key players from GCSIT and your team together to address constantly-changing user and business needs and execution of services delivery.

Through GCSIT’s commitment to operational excellence you are ensured a predictable, reliable, accountable services delivery partner who can help to drive down costs while providing transparency, increasing efficiency, productivity, and end user satisfaction

Managed Microsoft Program Services

Your GEMS Managed Microsoft Program allows you the flexibility to choose from a set of offerings specially designed to meet your unique needs.  

  • Enterprise File & Print Server Management
  • Application Server Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • SQL Management and Monitoring Services
  • Office 365 Enterprise Email Management and Security

Save time, reduce costs over time, free up IT staff, and increase predictability by having GCSIT’s specialized experts manage your Microsoft Suite of solutions.

For more information or to begin putting GEMS to work for you, please email or call GCSIT at 866.424.2766