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Todays modern Service Desk is much more than traditional End User Support. The Service Desk must now support a wide range of users, devices, and requirements along with sophisticated internal operations and omplex IT needs.

The range and depth of experience and knowledge required of Service Desk personnel in rapidly emerging IT environments adds additional challenges to your Human Resources model. Qualified, certified and experienced IT support staff can be difficult to find and even more difficult to retain.

This is why GCSIT developed the GEMS Service Support Program. The GEMS Services Support Program is designed to function as a Single Point of Contact for your end users and your internal IT Resources.

Your GCSIT support team is much more than a traditional Level 1 Managed Service Provider (MSP). GCSIT’s Call Management professionals have extensive subject expertise and problem resolution skills. We pair this frontline support approach with dedicated Tier 2/Tier 3 escalation options. This means that your Service Desk is now able to resolve complex issues more quickly as well as assist your IT engineering and technical teams.

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Built upon a solid ITIL-based foundation, the GEMS Services Support Program model ensures ownership of your service requests as they move from incident to resolution. This model includes multi-level support, issue organization and logging, incident tracking and escalation, incident resolution and problem management.

GCSIT’s carefully-crafted approach to delivering Service Desk operations is built upon our understanding of your organization’s people, processes, and technology. Through this, GCSIT provides consistent service levels that meet your needs and expectations and ensure greater predictability, human resource resilience, and service management excellence ΜΆ all while remaining more cost effective than traditional options.

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Your Services Support Program relationship with GCSIT begins with Onboarding.

GCSIT Onboarding gives you clear timelines and transition goals aligned to meet your desired outcomes and establishes organizational service level goals prioritized by business group and business outcome.

A GCSIT Portfolio and Program Manager (PPM) is assigned to act as your single point of contact. This highly-qualified individual leads the working teams as they build a mutually agreed-upon strategy that results in a project plan that ensures an effective service delivery.

The Onboarding process ensures a framework for understanding the environment, service delivery expectations, and creates channels of communications, documentation and more. Your GCSIT Program and Project Management (PPM) team walks you through agreement goals, introduces our team and processes, ensures all data is complete, verifies documentation, validates that all contractual deliverables are understood and scheduled to occur appropriately, and establishes the foundation for regular Stewardship calls.

gems operational excellence 1OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE

Your PPM will continue to act as your single point of contact. Alongside this, GCSIT has a defined set of processes and responsibilities designed to ensure regular and thoughtful communication and advocacy for our GEMS clients. Foremost among these activities are your regularly scheduled Stewardship meetings.

Regular Stewardship is an ongoing process that provides an opportunity to combine forces across GCSIT departments and your team to increase understanding, overcome any issues and resolve the best solutions & strategies for your needs. In each stewardship meeting, we look at what GCSIT is working on, what’s working, why it’s working and how we can make it work better.

GCSIT Stewardship builds a unified vision, transfers knowledge to you team members and engages in proactive and continuous improvement through analysis, communication and partnership. It is an ongoing process that brings key players from GCSIT and your team together to address constantly-changing user and business needs and execution of services delivery.

Through GCSIT’s commitment to operational excellence you are ensured a predictable, reliable, accountable services delivery partner who can help to drive down costs while providing transparency, increasing efficiency, productivity, and end user satisfaction


Your GEMS Services and Support Program allows you the flexibility to choose from a set of offerings specially designed to meet your unique needs

  • End User and Mobile Worker Support (Tier 1/2 Helpdesk)
  • Engineering Service, Support and Escalation (Tier 3 Service Desk)
  • Proactive Desktop Support

Put Tier 1 Support in place for your End Users with Tier 2 / Tier 3 escalation options to resolve complex issues as well as support your Engineering and Technical Teams

For more information or to begin putting GEMS to work for you, please email or call GCSIT at 866.424.2766