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For today’s businesses, IT is a necessity, not a choice, but qualified, certified and experienced IT staff are difficult to find and even more difficult to keep. While all organizations face this challenge, it can be particularly acute for small and midsized organizations where budgets can be tight and keeping focus on core business can be a make or break issue.

Do you want the competitive advantage strategic IT can bring, but don’t have the time or resources? Or perhaps you need the benefits of IT but don’t want to own IT? Depending on the size and unique needs of your organization, GCSIT can partner with existing IT staff or become your completely outsourced IT department — all for a monthly fee instead of unpredictable expense.

Whether you seek innovation or utility; whether you see IT as a competitive advantage, a burden, or something in between, GEMS Total IT Outsource Program helps you decide how IT works best for your needs and then puts it to work for your organization.

Your GEMS Total IT Outsource Program team is much more than a traditional Managed Service Provider (MSP). We deliver the knowledge and resources to maintain operations or strategically manage IT -- even freeing up your team and then working with them to move forward in digital transformation. Through GCSIT, you have a staff of highly experienced expert Architects, Field Engineers, Service Desk Technicians, and Project Managers as your IT team. They put their extensive subject expertise in design, deployment, planning and ongoing management to work for you – whether you’re a smaller scale “Mom & Pop” or the most sophisticated of IT Operations.

IT leadership and strategic vision – as much or as little as you need -- are provided by your Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO). The goal of this position is to be a trusted advisor focused on understanding and supporting the strategic initiatives of your business, scaling to your needs, and ensuring that you get the most value, performance and benefit out of your information technology investment.

Whether addressing budgeting, planning or business analysis, your vCTO works with the greater team to ensure predictability in services delivery, helping you to trade FTE for SLA.

Working alongside your vCTO is your Portfolio and Program Manager (PPM). More than an “account manager,” the PPM is your single point of contact for all operational issues. Addressing the day-to-day so you don’t have to, your PPM leads overall engagement, oversees tactical IT execution and delivery, and works with you to ensure we are achieving your desired outcomes. Additionally, whether GCSIT is replacing your IT or working alongside, your PPM ensures that key contacts within your business have a transparent view of activities and services delivery.

GCSIT puts over 28 years of experience in IT delivery to work for you. Combining a unique set of engagement models, skills, experience, and powerful technical-partner relationships in a proven model, we deliver business-aligned IT success with predictable outcomes and costs.

gems onboarding icon ONBOARDING

Your GEMS Total IT Outsouce Program begins with Onboarding.

Led by your PPM, the Onboarding process provides a framework for understanding the environment, service delivery needs and expectations, defines channels of communications, creates documentation and more.

Built upon a solid best-practices foundation. GCSIT’s carefully-crafted onboarding process for IT Operations and Management begins with Assessment. We dig deep to understand the current state of your IT infrastructure, then look to technical requirements, services needs as well as business drivers and requirements.

GCSIT will provide remediation recommendations for any potential configuration issues or vulnerabilities that create risk for your business. These topics are all discussed during follow-up with formalized documentation compiled into a Services Launch Report.

After the assessment phase of Onboarding, your PPM, vCTO and GCSIT Team Members work with you to build mutually agreed-upon strategy for services delivery. This includes, as needed, clearly defined customer point(s) of contact, service level goals prioritized by business needs and desired outcomes, and internal escalation hierarchy for each business unit and services group.

Next, your GCSIT PPM walks you through agreement goals, introduces our team and processes, ensures all documentation requirements are completed, validates that all contractual deliverables are understood and scheduled to occur appropriately, and establishes the foundation for regular Stewardship calls. All of this information is uploaded to and made available from the Shared Documentation Platform that GCSIT provides as part of the ongoing GEMS Service.

gems operational excellence 1OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE

Your PPM will continue to act as your single point of contact. Through GCSIT’s defined set of processes and responsibilities, regular and thoughtful communications and planning cycles occur on schedules that fit your needs. These activities occur in a formalized manner through scheduled Stewardship meetings. Additional impromptu communications occur, as needed, through clearly-defined lines of communication.

Regular Stewardship is an ongoing process to increase understanding, overcome any issues and resolve the best solutions & strategies for your needs. In each stewardship meeting, we look at what’s working, why it’s working and how we can make it work better. Stewardship meetings also include forward-looking discussion of planning, anticipating emergent needs generated by evolving technology, expanding end user needs, new business objectives or strategies.

Scaled based on the type of engagement – fully outsourced IT or complementary IT — Stewardship builds a unified vision and engages in proactive and continuous improvement through analysis, communication and partnership. It is an ongoing process that brings key players from GCSIT and your management together to address constantly-changing user and business needs and execution of services delivery. This ensures that, even if IT is completely outsourced, you never lose touch with what is happening.

You PPM addresses operational issues while, as needed, your vCTO provides IT leadership and strategic vision. Together, they provide a formidable team to fully manage your IT, or to act trusted advisors working beside your IT team.

Through GCSIT’s commitment to operational excellence you are ensured a predictable, reliable, accountable services delivery partner who can help to drive down costs while providing transparency, increasing efficiency, productivity, and end user satisfaction.


  • Managed Storage Area Networks - Performance, Analysis, Review & Update
  • Server/Compute - Management and Monitoring Services
  • vSphere Management, Monitoring & Update
  • HCI Management, Management, Monitoring & Update
  • Horizon View Management, Monitoring, & Update
  • End User and Mobile Worker Support (Tier 1/2 Helpdesk)
  • Engineering Service, Support and Escalation (Tier 3 Service Desk)
  • Proactive Desktop Support
  • Managed Core Networking
  • Managed Datacenter Networking
  • Wireless NetworkinG
  •  Managed Core Networking
  • Managed Router
  • Managed Campus Networking
  • Managed Access Networking
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Anti-SPAM and Malware
  • vSphere Management, Monitoring & Update
  • VEEAM - Management, Monitoring & Recovery
  • Commvault - Management, Monitoring & Recovery
  • Axcient - Management, Monitoring & Recovery
  • Dell Data Protection – Management, Monitoring, & Recovery
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco Unified Communications
  • Micrsoft Skype/Messanger
  • Enterprise File & Print Server Management
  • Application Server Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • SQL Management and Monitoring Services
  • Office 365 Enterprise Email Management and Security

Lose the headaches and expense while gaining a strategic IT edge, greater resources and solid delivery of services with GEMS Total IT Outsource Program. 

For more information or to begin putting GEMS to work for your organization, please email or call GCSIT at 866.424.2766