GCSIT Newsletter: Spring 2016


vmwareAward-winning world-class IT in your own back yard!

GCSIT receives Global and Americas Enterprise Solution Provider VMware Partner Innovation Awards at VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2016.

These awards recognize GCSIT’s ongoing success in delivering solid business results to our customers through vSphere, NSX, Virtual SAN and Desktop Virtualization. 

While it’s always good to be recognized for hard work, we know we couldn’t have done this without the support of technology partners VMware and, most importantly, GCSIT’s strong and productive customer relationships.

Why Did GCSIT Win These Awards?
GCSIT is uniquely positioned to help organizations succeed with virtualization. Combining expertise, experience and organization-wide commitment to business-aligned IT outcomes, GCSIT is a proven leader in delivering VMware Virtualization Technologies.

we are engineering focused 1we have a deep technical bench 2we have a truly consultative approachwe lead with honesty 4

When the deal goes through as expected, it will make tech history not just for its $60- plus billion price tag, but because it will form the largest privately-controlled integrated technology company in the world.

dellThe new umbrella company, Dell Technologies, will instantly lead the pack of cloud IT infrastructure companies in revenue, and according to many industry analysts, in all other areas as well.

While we've grown accustomed to mind-boggling dollar figures and marketing hyperbole in the world of high tech mergers, this deal is a strategic coup with positive implications for your future IT planning and purchasing.

It joins a computing powerhouse with a storage powerhouse. Add in VCE's strong position in the converged infrastructure market and with VMware's leading position in virtualization, and you have a merged entity capable of addressing laptop, server and software expertise, enterprise storage products, converged infrastructure and virtualization software all under one roof. It is a one-stop shop for the modern datacenter.

What does this mean for you?

In survey conducted by Fortune, 75% of the 202 IT professionals questioned felt that the Dell-EMC deal would benefit their organization and 63% looked to the combined companies to bring easier vendor management.
Unlike Hewlett-Packard's acquisition of Digital Equipment Corp or Oracle's purchase of Sun Microsystems, where the companies had competitive platforms or technologies, there is little downside for IT customers in the Dell-EMC merger. The deal is not disruptive as much as it is synergistic.

Dell and EMC have largely complementary products. And where product overlap does occur – such as in midrange storage -- it is likely to be a long process before any trimming occurs. Both companies have repeatedly stated that they will put customers first without compromise.

In TechTarget, Roger Cox, a research Vice President with Gartner Group, compared the merger to when General Motors, Co. acquired Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. GM kept the brands for several years before consolidating. Cox went on to say that product consolidation at the new Dell Technologies will likely be a process taking at least five years.

The combination of Dell and EMC provides unmatched ability to address large and small customers’ rapidly changing critical IT needs. Digital transformation is driving disruption across all industries; transition from traditional on-premise to hybrid public/private cloud infrastructure; and need to balance agility, mobile workforces with persistent security threats.


The company will offer customers a broad, end-to-end product portfolio spanning all key compute, networking and storage segments — both legacy and emerging — to address customers facing technology-driven disruption.

GCSIT is very well positioned to bring all of the advantages and value of the new Dell Technologies to our customers. As an award-winning partner of both Dell and VMware, and a member of the Dell Premier Partner Advisory Board, GCSIT has the relationships and expertise already in place to quickly help you understand and take full advantage of the exciting range of solutions that Dell Technologies will have to offer.

RIGHT-SIZED Project Management

One size does not fit all.

Process can can enable or impede (and sometimes both at once) the path to project success. Finding the propotional "Goldilocks" spot with neither too much nor too little process is a key part of GCSiT's approach to project management.

GCSIT fits project management practices to the needs of a given project. The approach is methodologically agnostic. With focus on results, we are able to bring "what works" into play by drawing from a range of methodologies and practices.

Our proportionate what-works approach is based on a straightforward project assessment and categorization. Starting with a throrough initial assessment, we assign a project to one of three categories based upon size and complexity. These categories are mini-projects, projects and programs.

We work to allocate exactly the right amount of project management to each category of project to ensure project success while optimizing customer costs. For each project, regardless of its simplicity or complexity, our PM’s work to ensure the highest possible levels of project quality and customer satisfaction.

Here's a breakdown of each category:

Mini-projects are generally projects which take less than 2 weeks, involve a single engineer, and are focused on a single accomplishment. These projects clearly do not require full-blown project management, so we take a very minimalistic approach towards them, primarily to save our customers money, but also to not impose any administrative overhead which could delay progress.

PM’s who handle mini-projects kick them off, get the resources scheduled, provide a single point of contact for any customer interactions, ensure deliverables are delivered and finally get the customer’s concurrence that the project is complete and can be closed down.

Projects are middle-sized efforts which need management, but don’t require all the bells and whistles a full-blown program might require. PM’s managing projects stay more intimately involved throughout the project’s lifecycle. They coordinate as above, but additionally stay on top of deliverable commitments, budget management, and risks and issues tracking. They regularly communicate with the customer and they closely monitor a successful transition to operations.

Programs are complicated, usually multi-focused undertakings which involve detailed program management. Within a program, the PM is more likely to develop a detailed Work Breakdown Structure and Project Schedule. Both the schedule and budget are closely monitored with regular status communications to the customer, either in person or via conference calls. Project execution may include formal procedures and deliverables around every aspect of project management, which may include, but not necessarily be limited to: data and document management, risk management, issues management, change management, acceptance control of each deliverable, regular project metrics, communications management, plus oversight of the transition to operations and any required training.

Transition to Operations
The Transition to Operations phase is designed to ensure the deliverables of the project are brought to full operational status, integrated into ongoing operations and maintained. Its purpose is to ensure that deliverables can be used effectively to produce the intended business value after project completion.

GCSIT is committed to ensure optimal benefit is achieved from each project. Transition to operations may be as simple as knowledge transfer during implementation or it could entail GCSIT partnering to support the new implementation(s) for a specified period of time. Whatever the complexity of the transition, the PM works to ensure the transition is successful and our customer is satisfied they are ready to handle the system moving forward.


Jason Langer


Jason Langer     Cloud & End-user Computing Practice Manager

Jason began his interest in computing at an early age when his father broight home a Commodore 64. It was love at first click.

He began his IT career on the operations side. After 14 years of break-fix and firefighting, he moved to consultancy with a focus on VMware troubleshooting and planning/implementation.

Jason has extensive lead architecture experience and competency in server and end-user compute virtualization technologies leveraging VMware solutions.

Working in a wide variety of environments — from Small Medium Business (SMB) to Enterprise organizations — and across multiple industry verticals including Education, Healthcare, Finance and Retail, he has delivered virtualization, server and end user computeprojects focused on business and technical requirements and outcomes.

He has been with GCSIT since 2012.

A proud and self-avowed Geek, Jason spends his little free time traveling the world with his wife, Shannon, gardening and playing Star Wars: Battlefront.

Community Honors

VMware vExpert 2011/2012/2013/2014

The annual VMware vExpert title is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. The title is awarded to individuals (not employers) for their commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.

PernixData PernixPro 2013/2014

PernixPro members are an elite community of IT professionals committed to advancing FVP storage acceleration technology. By facilitating collaboration between PernixData experts and the industry’s top luminaries, PernixPro breaks down the barriers to widespread adoption of server-side storage, giving companies of all sizes a cost-effective solution for scaling storage performance independent of storage capacity.

vSphere Land Top 50 Virtualization Blog 2014/2015

Earned the #47 spot in the top 50 virtualization blogs of the year during the annual contest from vsphere-land.com

Industry Certifications

VMware VCAP-DCA 4/5



VMware VCP 3/4/5

VMware VCP DT 5/6