5 Benefits of a VDI Workspace

September 28, 2022
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5 Advantages of a VDI Workspace

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a tool that empowers organizations with the resources it needs to maintain optimum workforce flexibility. Employees can access a virtual desktop on the device of their choice -- smartphone, laptop, tablet, or their own desktop -- and achieve the same user-efficient experience a physical desktop provides.

However, VDI offers multiple benefits to organizations of all sizes, particularly those with heightened information security needs.

Ease of infrastructure management - With standard desktops, updates and patches had to be initiated by the individual employees, creating significant security vulnerabilities. Conversely, VDI architecture relies upon a centralized virtual machine that can be maintained and updated by either the IT management team or the service provider.

  1. Ease of access. VDI gives employees the ability to access their virtual desktops using any device they prefer, from any location. This significantly simplifies remote work and allows for business operations continuity when in-person office work isn't practicable.
  2. Greater flexibility. VDI makes onboarding non-permanent employees easy. With improved infrastructure agility, you can give seasonal employees, temps, consultants, and contractors access quickly and securely.
  3. Enhanced efficiency and productivity. VDI gives your team members the resources necessary to complete tasks at any time, from anywhere. This enhanced work environment not only empowers employees with the tools they need to produce their work product, but also reduces downtime due to maintenance issues, disaster scenarios, or other disruptions.
  4. Reduced costs. Organizations that already have the server architecture in place won't be burdened by high deployment costs. Because standard desktop machines must each have expensive software packages installed, you'll discover that the functional cost of VDI is markedly lower. Even businesses that require a significant initial investment to adopt VDI enjoy a significant ROI over time as maintenance costs and unit replacement costs are dramatically reduced.
  5. Increased security. One of the most pressing concerns organizations have when implementing virtual desktop technology is security. If employees are opening their virtual desktops using unsecured devices that aren't monitored or controlled by management, how can data security be assured? VDI provides a centralized structure for information that does not ever leave the data center. Because data is sequestered from the employees' devices, it cannot be accessed if those devices become compromised.

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