bcdrBusiness continuity planning is not exciting or sexy

It's not a topic that normally garners a lot of attention, but it is a crucial component to any organization to provide protection and recoverability of its data.

Whether you are backing up data from physical or virtual hosts you want solutions that are easy to manage, minimize the required capacity, and shrink your backup time window allowing you to spend more time supporting your core infrastructure.

Data Protection is Tactical.cost of downtime

It’s easy. You preserve data by backing it up to secure and accessible locations The data can then be recovered to replace lost data or to access data from a specific time period.

Recovery & Continuity are Strategic.
They’re hard. You need to get the right data to the right place at the right time. And make sure it will be consistent and useable.

This requires input and analysis by both business stakeholders and IT, and effective planning that accounts for and coordinates multiple requirements, issues, priorities and needs.

Leveraging technologies from our ecosystem of partners combined with the experience of GCSIT engineering we can work with you to help understand your unique needs in protecting your valuable data. If you are experiencing challenges around bandwidth, capacity, time, or tapes our proven methodology can help to provide you a path with predictable outcomes with eye towards your data retention and recoverability policies.

Engineering team iconGCSIT engineers work with you to find the best solutions for secure and reliable backup and recovery with no increase to IT workload - an optimal balance between recovery costs, time, capabilities, and complexity


GCSIT BCDR Design and Deploy 1

Backup is like fire insurance... no one likes to think about it (or pay for it) until they need it.

Is your backup working? (When was the last time you tested it?)