Solutions Engineer
About the Role
The Solutions Engineer, Networking is responsible for both active work on and supervision of implementation and deployment services relative to video, voice, and data networks in a variety of settings and at varied scopes & scales. Typical work engagements will focus on a range of job types, providing deployment and implementation team leadership to campus-level network engagements, datacenter jobs and broader WAN engagements. The Network Engineer is responsible for applying planning & design work outputs from the Network Engineer III and Design & Architecture personnel both individually, and as a team lead. The Network Engineer II position may also involve installation, maintenance, and operations management of varied customer network infrastructures and associated network appliances, computer hardware and software applications. This position is also expected to contribute to diagnostic troubleshooting efforts in resolving complex wide and local area network issues. S/he will peer with other GCS IT engineers and will have limited supervisory duties & assignments.
Key Responsibilities
  • Successfully leads deployment and implementation efforts, based on planning, implementation and design document objects produced by the Design & Architecture team.
  • Successfully andaccountably takes direction from Network Engineer III and Design &Architecture team on application of service work toward structured project and deployment plans
  • Leads individual and team implementation efforts related to LAN and WAN solution elements and components, including network switches, routers, load balancers, securityappliance sand other peripheral devices based on customer requirements and design document guidance.
  • Basic familiarity and fluency with SNMP; Installs and configures network servers relative to network monitoring and management purposes.
  • Leads installation and configuration efforts for necessary telecommunications solution components, as directed by design/planning documents (requires basicf amiliarity with broad variety of IP network transport technologies, as well as basic supervisory skills).
  • Operates and maintains local area and wide area networks, tracks significant problems,monitors performance, and performs upgrades to hardware and software as required
  • Leads installation and/or modification efforts on networked computer hardware,software, and other communications system components
  • Participates inlong-and short-range technology planning work
  • Maintains documentation regarding network configurations, operating procedures, andservice records relating to network hardware and software
  • Able to write change management plans, network change orders and capable of following a basic change management paradigm or model
  • Assists in developing training for GCS IT staff and clients in the proper operation of the wide and local area networks.
  • Attends classes,seminars, conferences, and reviews professional literature to enhance knowledgeo f trends and developments related to wide and local area network systems.
Desired Qualifications
  • Median/mid-range knowledge of WAN/LAN architecture and architectural components across multiple media types:  copper, optical, indoor &outdoor RF
  • Median/mid-range knowledge of compute and related virtualization technologies
  • Basic knowledge(cross-vendor) of network operating systems
  • Basic knowledge of WAN/LAN protocols and diagnostic tools
  • Median/mid-range knowledge of datacenter-specific LAN/WAN protocols, techniques & technologies
  • Median/mid-range knowledge of security protocols and policy, policy implementation, techniques,technologies& regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong technical writing and documentation skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of technology users
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability tot roubleshoot multi-layer problems
Technical Requirements
  • Completion of a four-year degree in Computer Science or a related field with coursework in networking and a minimum of two years of network operations management experience including local and wide area networks; supervisory training or experience; oran associate degree in Computer Science or related field, with four to six years' experience in local and wide area network environments, supervisory training,or experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.
  • Mid-range knowledge of networking protocols, with experience in routed and switched WAN environments; knowledge and experience with network management utilities.
  • Certification in network technologies (mid-level Cisco certification –CCNP, CCSP, CDP or equivalent -preferred) or any equivalent combination of vendor-specifictraining, certification, and/or experience which validates the requiredk nowledge, skills, and abilities needed for mid-level to advanced network engineering
To apply, use the link below and attach your letter of application, résumé, and three professional references (including name, mailing address, email address, and telephone number). Additionally, please indicate in your cover letter where you first learned of this position.

Files must be less than 3 MB, in either PDF or MS Word format.

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