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At GCSIT, we offer a comprehensive suite of next-generation solutions designed to make your business run better. Our team can help you create the optimal VDI architecture that will enhance your productivity, improve customer experience, and deliver superior data security. We offer the strategies, expertise, and guidance your organization needs to achieve big things.

Key Benefits VDI Brings to Remote Work

Protect Intellectual




What is VDI?

Let's make it simple.

VDI is an acronym for virtual desktop infrastructure. This technology essentially enhances computational flexibility and reduces costs.

But how?

Remember the old days when offices had cubicles, and those cubicles all had desktop computers? Employees manually turned them on, logged in, and began their workday by accessing the various applications, browsers, and files they used to produce their work product. You had to be physically at your workstation to access your programs. The desktops were clunky, slow, and in constant need of IT support.

They were also costly. Companies paid for dozens if not hundreds of workstations and all attendant software, maintenance, and in-house or contracted IT specialists.

Fortunately, there's a better way.

VDI workspace enables team members to access a virtual desktop operating system using any device they choose -- smartphone, tablet, laptop, or home computer. This allows for enhanced flexibility and security for remote work

What are the advantages of VDI storage solutions?

Access anytime, from anywhere.

The need to switch to remote work instantly has never been more urgent. Your team members need access to their clients and projects without enduring disruptions during systems transitions.

Having VDI desktop technology helps organizations stay productive even when gathering in-person is either ill-advised or impossible. Your business can still conduct its operations efficiently and profitably -- and at lower costs than you experienced before remote work became essential.

Heightened security.

Although VDI workspace solutions allow users to access information as though they have direct access to the organization's local network, the endpoint devices do not store the data.

Information security threats from employee negligence and malign actors are significantly reduced when you eliminate individual desktops. Because data is stored within the data center and not within the users' devices -- as it typically is with office desktop computers -- the information is protected by the network. Even if the device an employee uses becomes compromised, that device cannot be used to harvest sensitive information from the data center.

Smooth updates.

Software patches and updates are applied from the data center, effectuating important repairs, adding new features, and enhancing security protocols without relying upon a disparate population of end-users to launch updates on their own initiative.

Streamline your operations. Empower your workforce.

The specialists at GCSIT offer organizations across industries high-performance computing solutions that are simple to adopt and easy to maintain. We are proud to partner with the premier VDI hosting solution providers, including:

  • Citrix VDI
  • Azure VDI
  • VMware VDI

Keep your information protected, your operations efficient, and your productivity optimal with customized VDI storage solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Benefits

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