Public Cloud

Public cloud is managed by third parties over the internet to the public. It can minimize IT infrastructure cost and be a good option for handling peak loads on the local infrastructure.

Public Cloud Basics

Public Cloud

Publically shared


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Access to What You Need When You Need It

How does public cloud work?

With public cloud, infrastructure, storage and cloud-based applications are virtualized from hardware owned by the vendor. The data is pooled into “data lakes”, is orchestrated by software made to manage and automate services and is transmitted across the internet or through a dedicated network connection. If you are using public cloud, you are simply paying for the resources you use that are derived from a third-party provider.

Is public cloud right for my business?

If you have predictable computing needs for a specific number of users, public cloud might be a good fit for you. Public clouds tend to have better utilization rates since public cloud offers a pay-as-you-need-it basis. Each cloud provider offers a range of products oriented toward different workloads and business needs. GCSIT can help you determine if public cloud is a good option for your business.

Public Cloud Considerations

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