Software-Defined Networks

SDN enables dynamic, programmatically-efficient network configuration to improve network performance and monitoring. It allows users to virtualize their hardware, increasing control and flexibility.

SDN Architecture

Controller Layer


Open Flow Protocol

Open Flow API
Data Plane

Policy-based Management of the Network as a Whole

SDN aims to provide agility and flexibility

The goal of SDN is to improve network control by enabling businesses to respond quickly to changing business requirements. It can give operators new ways to design, build and operate their networks by separating the network’s control and forwarding planes. The result is a centralized view of the distributed network that allows for more efficient orchestration and automation of network services.

SDN is networking now

SDN has come to define a dynamic configuration when software-based services in a data center network are made accessible through IP (Internet Protocol). SDN now supports dynamic, highly automated cloud environments, often offering more control and flexibility. With the right SDN approach, you can build a more agile infrastructure. GCSIT can help.

Find out how software-defined networking can facilitate and accelerate your path to digital transformation.


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