Private Cloud

Private cloud is dedicated to a single organization, so it can be architected to meet your specific needs. It is usually most beneficial for businesses with predictable workloads or customization requirements, and businesses in regulated industries.

Private Cloud Basics

Private Cloud

Privately shared

Connectivity over
internet, fiber &
private networks

Secured confidential
information & core

Determine if Private Cloud is Right for Your Business

Whose cloud is it, anyway?

Private cloud is a cloud infrastructure dedicated for only one business. The cloud can be located on the premises (on prem) but it can also be hosted in a service provider’s datacenter. When choosing a private cloud model, you can manage it on your own, have it managed by a hosting provider, or by a third party.  

Who uses private cloud?

When set up correctly, private cloud can offer more security and control than other cloud options. Private cloud is accessed through private and secure network links as opposed to the public internet. Therefore, private cloud is a popular environment for organizations with compliance concerns such as HIPAA Compliant Hosting and PCI or by organizations that can benefit from the increased flexibility of a virtualized environment.

Private Cloud Considerations

Get this guide to help you decipher the best
cloud option for your business.


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