Finding the Right VDI Storage Solutions for Your Operations

September 28, 2022
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Finding the Right VDI Storage Solutions for Your Operations

In a world where the ability to perform remote work constantly affects our normal routines as well as the standard operating practices of organizations in all sectors, the demand on IT departments becomes increasingly untenable. Having to migrate a significant percentage of your team from in-office work to remote work in a matter of weeks or days will place considerable strain on your operations and your budget. This is the challenge that countless organizations faced at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to endure as remote work technologies grow and evolve (along with user expectations and demands). VDI desktop solutions might be the only way forward.

An ever-increasing population of businesses requested our input and services to design and support projects for transitioning to remote work. We've found that, for most businesses, the most challenging part of remote work transitioning is figuring out the budget and accounting for situations that arise unexpectedly. The next issue is assessing how needs will evolve over time. What about disruptions? What if workflow changes dramatically? What if I don't need certain elements in a year?

Budgeting concerns and shifting needs are often the reason VDI storage solutions need to be adapted to the particular needs of a business. For some organizations, as-a-service models could offer the kind of cost savings and flexibility necessary to meet their fluctuating needs.

If you're a manager or IT team leader, here are a few ways you can support VDI storage solutions.

  • VDI Storage As-a-Service. A highly efficient strategy for remote work is using a storage-as-a-service model. You can transition in-office workers to remote work with minimal effort and at a relatively low cost. You can support VDI storage solutions for a specific timeframe without committing to it for the long term.
  • Establish disaster recovery and business continuity plans. In stressful circumstances, the likelihood that mistakes occur increases. By distracting IT from the normal tasks, you substantially increase the risk of human error as well as technical issues from maintenance failures. By integrating data protection, backup, and recovery protocols, you can protect your information and operations from potential disruptions and security failures.
  • Have a dedicated VDI storage solutions team. During the implementation process, it's not uncommon for organizations to have dedicated teams of experts to support VDI storage solutions for remote work. While many businesses create these teams from existing HR and management staff, it's important to have IT specialists' input, too. If your business doesn't have a dedicated IT team, the expertise of a VDI storage solutions provider will be essential to the smooth implementation of your remote working protocols.
  • Get professional guidance. At GCSIT, we are always ready to help make the most complex systems integration projects run smoother. With decades of IT experience, the professionals at GCSIT offer world-class support to organizations across industries.

If you are experiencing technical challenges stemming from adjusting to remote working issues, we offer the expertise, experience, and dedication to making your transition easier and more affordable.

For a comprehensive consultation, please contact our helpful representatives.

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