How Do VDI Solutions Work?

September 28, 2022
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How do VDI Solutions Work? Common VDI Questions Answered.

If you are responsible for the operational productivity of a mid-sized business, you had probably heard of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in relation to remote work even before the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, having an agile system in place that allows employees to perform critical work tasks when away from the office is more important than ever, making understanding VDI storage solutions exponentially urgent.

But what does VDI mean?

If you're not an expert in information technology, VDI probably doesn't mean much to you. Even when the mechanisms of VDI architecture are explained in general terms, it might not help you understand how it is relevant to your daily business operations.

What is important to understand is that VDI is a highly effective system for making remote work seamless and efficient. When properly deployed, VDI workspaces perform with the same effectiveness as standard desktops, only with greater flexibility and security. It allows your workforce to access essential features using the devices of their choice. VDI also sequesters important data in a centralized location so that employee's devices cannot be used as entry points if they become compromised. Additionally, VDI offers:

  • Enhanced end-user experience
  • Greater flexibility for the workforce
  • Centralized systems that can be updated by IT management without relying upon individual end-users

Businesses also have the option of using VDI as a service. This takes the burden of systems maintenance and management off of the onsite IT department and gives it to a qualified service provider. Many organizations with limited IT staff opt for this solution because it assures optimum functionality of the technology and continual monitoring on a day-to-day basis.

Organizations also have the choice of what type of VDI works best for their operations. Persistent VDI gives end-users the ability to access the same virtual desktop model every time they log in. They can personalize it and make modifications as they choose. Non-persistent VDI offers a general virtual desktop structure that does not permit individual user customization. If your operations aren't particularly dynamic, non-persistent might be an effective choice.

GCSIT works with leaders across industries to develop the most effective and agile infrastructure for their needs. If you want to stay innovative, competitive, and secure, VDI solutions may be the answer.

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