How VDI Workspace Solutions Make Remote Work Tasks More Streamlined and Secure

September 28, 2022
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VDI storage solutions offer enhanced security and ease of use for remote workers across industries and job classifications.

The phrase “digital workspace” is used interchangeably with so many other terms that it’s difficult to know precisely what it means. However, if your business has team members that work remotely (and post-pandemic, you probably do), the subject of digital workspaces and VDI workspaces has probably been approached.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) workspaces allow all team members to perform data-focused work duties remotely using a variety of digital devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, smartphones, and other mobile devices. VDIs are, in effect, a type of digital workspace.

Considering the ambiguity surrounding the concept of VDI workspaces, any organization looking to integrate a stronger remote working infrastructure should learn more about this concept. Here’s a look into VDI workspace technology.

VDI Workspace

The term virtual desktop infrastructure was introduced by VMware in 2004. The term "virtual desktop infrastructure" refers to software that runs on a computer in the cloud or in a data center and then is delivered to an endpoint device. End users should perceive the desktop session as if it were running locally. Almost any device can run the OS, including thin clients, laptops, and mobile devices. Most VDI environments use Windows, but Linux VDI environments are also available. In addition to allowing users to connect to a physical machine, VDI can also be used to connect to a virtual desktop. Remote workers, for example, who work part-time or temporarily.

Digital Workspace

The digital workspace presents enterprise apps and services to users across devices, locations, and work styles.

The four parts of a Digital Workspace can be defined as follows:

1. A native application catalog that offers apps for all devices.

2. A user monitoring and access management system.

3. Organizational notifications and alerts.

4. Remote IT management capability.

Together, these components support smooth and secure access to the digital workspace.

VDI Storage Solutions

Organizations across industries will find that VDI storage solutions are highly beneficial for a variety of applications. Moreover, VDI workspaces offer benefits for a variety of job categories.

Remote and hybrid work models

It is possible for remote workers to use legacy applications and cloud-based applications, like Microsoft 365, which must follow business policies regarding sensitive data. Using a digital workspace by a regulated call center can help enforce the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulations when employees are working from home. For example, employees traveling on business can work from the workplace using Wi-Fi on an airplane, in a hotel, or another country as long as the content and apps are risk-appropriate. The most sensitive information in healthcare is always securely available to clinicians and doctors wherever they are.

Sensitive or proprietary information

Materially sensitive information and proprietary data must be kept private for the use of a small, defined team. All content can be encrypted by default in a digital workspace and only accessible by the team - even if it is accidentally or maliciously exposed. These capabilities also apply to integration with third parties, such as outside legal counsel. In addition, a VDI workspace for mergers and acquisitions teams can integrate resources where they are preferred and isolate them where they are needed.

Independent contractors and consultants

Managing the unique requirements of contractors and contingent workers can be difficult for many organizations. Frequently, giving contingent workers access to the organizations' data entry applications might not be ideal for security purposes. Moreover, a contract worker would have to waste hourly fees on learning the company's applications before completing project-related tasks. Having VDI storage solutions can address both of these issues.

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