VDI Solutions or DaaS?

September 28, 2022
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VDI Solutions or DaaS?

If your business operations are going to be occurring remotely, you're probably weighing your computational infrastructure options. Maybe Desktop as a Service (DaaS) might be the best solution for your goals and budget. However, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) could offer benefits that a DaaS environment could not.

DaaS is a solution that many organizations adopt because it doesn't require having an IT team on staff -- it's a managed IT service to which businesses subscribe. You're also sharing data centers with other businesses, which can influence the use of resources or even affect your organization's security.

If you choose VDI, you are adopting a model that offers your business total control over how your resources are distributed. If you choose private cloud offsite hosting, your provider might provide infrastructure management services, but if you opt to house the hardware on your premises, the maintenance and management will be the responsibility of your team.

Here are a few other considerations to weigh:

VDI costs are higher upfront, but DaaS requires a continual monetary output.

Integrating VDI solutions into your operational apparatus requires a significant upfront hardware investment, but the potential ROI is considerable if your organization experiences significant growth. DaaS might be preferable for small organizations that need to scale their operations.

VDI provides significantly greater infrastructure control.

When you invest in VDI solutions, you have far more control over who has data access, systems monitoring, and the location of stored data. On the other hand, DaaS providers have ultimate control of the infrastructure, giving you limited, if any, visibility into the processes.

VDI gives businesses the oversight and control over mechanisms that affect data security -- large organizations with heightened security concerns might want to consider VDI to ensure optimal protection. Healthcare services and organizations in the finance sector, for example, will want maximum control over data streams -- more protection than DaaS typically provides.

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