What is VDI?

September 28, 2022
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What is VDI?

Do you have concerns about the variables surrounding remote work? Understanding VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) can help you optimize your computational apparatus and ensure maximum productivity with minimal security risks -- even while your employees work from their kitchens.

Remote work has become far more than a convenient, flexible option for employees -- the global pandemic has made it an absolute necessity. Having the architecture that enables organizations to instantly deploy remote work protocols whenever circumstances make in-person work untenable minimizes disruptions and assures a seamless transition. VDI gives an organization the resources to deploy flexible work options quickly.

But what is VDI?

VDI - a type of desktop virtualization - is a mechanism that allows teams to access their work files and other digital information using the device of their choice by leveraging a private cloud environment or a centralized server located on-site.

What makes it preferable to other remote work options is the segregation of the different applications, data files, and operating system (OS) from the hardware. This provides robust data security since the individual users' devices cannot be used to access sensitive information if they become compromised.

Additionally, it streamlines IT management because the system is centralized. Updates and patches can be made simultaneously, rather than having to rely upon the individual employees to perform the updates.

Businesses that struggle with managing their computational needs in a world where people need to perform their jobs from anywhere, at any time. Not only does having simple and quick remote access help organizations stay active during emergencies, but it also helps them optimize productivity during normal operations. The ability to access essential information from any device offers flexibility so that employees can accomplish their tasks at any time.

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