How Does a VDI Workspace Improve Experience?

September 28, 2022
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How Does a VDI Workspace Improve Experience?

The management of end-user experience is one of the most important aspects of ensuring VDI workspace success. Team members using virtual desktops need optimal efficiency -- they don't particularly care about the mechanics of achieving it. Regardless of what sort of technology you ultimately use for your VDI deployment, it has to facilitate seamless interaction and mitigate computational challenges.

Very often, management teams look askance at VDI workspace solutions simply because they think their workforce can't conduct their tasks properly without a physical desktop. When VDI was first launched, it was resisted by many organizations that weren't culturally ready for such a dramatic paradigm shift. At GCSIT, we address organizations' reservations using a combination of agile technology and dynamic processes.

By center-staging end-user application experience, we integrate the performance of applications into the fundamental structure of the architecture. Ultimately, we are able to address common and unique end-user issues effectively by both incorporating solutions into the basic infrastructure and allowing for session performance tracking and close monitoring. Ultimately, we are able to provide our diverse population of clients with end-user experience and application performance that surpasses legacy computing solutions.

How do you measure VDI performance?

Effective VDI function means agility and speed. We assess VDI workspace performance by assessing the following:

  • Length of login time. Lags in login duration are among the most common sources of frustration with system performance. This is particularly challenging because the inability to log in prevents access to any resources necessary to perform tasks. For team members in customer support roles, this creates service bottlenecks that inhibit the representative's ability to address the customers' concerns and decreases confidence in the organization's efficiency.
  • Application loading/response time. Again, this impairs productivity and customer service. Shorter loading times mean greater efficiency.
  • Effective graphics and responsiveness. If the virtual desktop does not respond as effectively as a physical desktop, your overall end-user experience and productivity are in danger of declining dramatically.

GCSIT gives organizations across industries the support they need to implement VDI workspace solutions effectively, efficiently, and successfully. We recognize the need to make your transition and integration as seamless as possible and empower your team with state-of-the-art technologies that enable you to innovate at your pace. Our managed services provide you with consistent support so you can focus on business growth and productivity. Let us do the heavy IT lifting -- we can handle it.

To learn more about our services, mission, and values, please visit our information page. To schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page.

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